Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

wigs for black women

 Buying Wigs for Black Women?..Important information

When it comes to protecting your hair and “keeping your hands out of it” – Wigs are the go to! There are so many styles, cuts, colors and types of wigs for black women for you to choose from. Let’s start out with how you would prepare your hair before placing a wig on it.

First, it’s important to wash, condition and braid your hair in preparing yourself for this protective style. There is no need for a protective style if you’re not actually protecting the hair under it.

Use a clarifying shampoo, leave in conditioner and try keep your braids small. This will minimize, the lumps under your wig.

Next, choose a wig cap that will compliment the wig of your choice. This can important to anyone but is most suitable if you are specifically to get or use wigs for for black women.There are many to choose from. Here are a few:


  • Ultra Thin Wig Cap : These caps are thing, expandable and will keep your hair in place and under control without using pins.


  • Nylon Stretch Wig Cap: These caps are light, stretchy and well ventilated. You can wash and use these easily.


  • Mesh Dome Cap: These caps are a breathable mesh texture. These are primarily used when wearing a U-Part Wig.


  • Weaving Wig Cap: These caps are used for making wigs with a closure. Most of them come with a U-Part.

In choosing a wig, there are so many options out there to achieve that perfect style. Here are a few that you might like to try:

Lace Front: A lace front wig is a wig which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. Variations of the lace front wig are Silk Base with Swiss Lace or French Lace Closure.

Monofilament: Mono-filament is a very fine lace material, nylon, and mesh blend. The hair is great for anyone with a sensitive scalp. This wig will take on the color of a person’s scalp when worn.

Human Hair: These wigs are more expensive. The higher the quality of hair, the higher you will pay. Make sure to look into different types of human hair before making your purchase.

Synthetic Hair: These wigs are less expensive than a human hair wig and they generally do not last that long. If you need something for a short term, a synthetic wig would be the way to go.

As you can see, there are many different options when deciding to purchase a wig- This is not even half. There are a dozen more that are recommended for wig users and they complement well all sorts of wigs for black women. It is important to do your research and determine what type of wig would best suit you. After all, you are the one who will be wearing it. Just remember to have fun and know that you can always change it up.


Buying hair extensions and wigs for black women online..What you need to know

The hair extensions industry is not going out anytime soon. More Afro-Caribbean and African American women are choosing to wear their hair in weaves and wigs, in different styles, different lengths and for different reasons.

Finding the perfect wig or weave can be daunting to say the least, especially when shopping online. With so many options to pick from; lace wigs, Remy, Malaysian, 360 silk base and so on, deciding what to go for can be quite overwhelming.

The struggle doesn’t stop there. With millions of hair companies offering the best 100% raw human hair or Remy hair wigs for black ladies, the power of choice becomes more of a burden. But we are here to help you get the chip off your shoulders.

First things first you need to understand the terms used in describing extensions. Even though a Remy Indian and Remy Malaysian hair might look the same in pictures, they mean different things. Also, seeing as you are buying online you want to try as much as possible to reduce the “negative shock value” (also known as getting something different from what you had imagined).

Synthetic hair: This ‘hair’ is made of plastic. There are two types. Toyokalon and Kanekalon, both primarily made in Japan. Synthetic hair is usually less versatile than human hair. It mattes and tangles easily, it cannot be flat ironed or curled, neither can it be dyed. It is just basic. Barbie’s and other plastic dolls on the market have their hair made from synthetic fibre. The only good side to synthetic hair is that they come cheap. However, this also means they have a short lifespan so if you are looking to ‘invest’ in an extension that could last up to a year or two, you definitely do not want to go for one labelled ‘kanekalon’ or its derivatives.

Virgin hair: This is human hair that is “virgin” and no, it has nothing to do with sex abstinence. It is virgin in the sense that it has not been chemically or mechanically altered. Some hairs are usually chemically manipulated, sometimes to get a particular look or style but virgin hair has not. These manipulations include dyes, curling, straightening, silicone coating and so on.

Remy hair: This is human hair gotten from a single donor with its cuticles intact. Remy hair is also arranged in the same direction the hair grew out of its donor’s head; all the tips and roots facing the same way. This gives the weave more body and also makes it tangle-free. Non-Remy hair are susceptible to tangles due to the random way they are arranged—tips and cuticle parts randomly bundled together. Non-Remy hair goes through an intense chemical process to make it look more even but that rids it of its moisture and makes it more coarse and prone to shedding and matting.

There are various types of Remy hair on the market.

Brazilian hair/wigs for black women: This is often described as the ultimate hair. It is dense, soft and blends perfectly well with different textures. It also comes in different natural textures and colours. Unlike other hairs, the thickness of Brazilian hair means you can get away with a thick or full look with fewer bundles than say, Indian hair. However, if you are all about that big hair life and there’s no such thing as hair that’s too big in your rule book then, by all means, take our advice with a pinch of salt.

Indian hair is the most common product we buy. n the ‘wigs for black women category. It is fluffy, airy, thick and often has bouncy waves. It is considered the most original of all hair types due to the largest hair supply in the world coming from this Asian country.

Malaysian hair is silky and has a lustrous shine that makes it a favourite go-to for weave lovers. It also holds curls more than most other hair types but not more than Brazilian hair. Malaysian hair is also a good piece to get if you intend to have it dyed at some point because it receives dyes well.

Peruvian hair is a coarse and lightweight weave. It blends better with a naturally relaxed hair. Did we mention that it is light weight? This means you can pull off wearing a lot of bundles without feeling like the entire world was placed on your head. It is also one of the most versatile hair types. So if you love to switch up your styles from straight to curly and back to straight again, this is a good one.

Chinese hair is thick, dense and coarse. They are often inexpensive and coated with silicone to give it a certain shine and lustre. We are about to get candid with you, most hair types besides Indian and to an extent-Malaysian hair are all Chinese hair. More than 90% of ‘wigs for black women’ out there falls into this category. The bulk of raw human virgin hair is purchased from Indian temples where some Indians shave off their hair from the scalp as a sign of religious sacrifice. This is how Remy hair is gotten. However, you cannot find such temples in Brazil, or Peru or whatever trending country hair you might find on the market. Although you can find this in Malaysia, they are not as widespread as in India hence real Malaysian hair are hard to come by.  So names like Brazilian, Peruvian, Italian hair and so on are mostly used to describe a certain look or feel of hair not human hair gotten from people of said places.

Hair grade?

There’s one more thing to consider when buying weaves/wigs online. This tiny detail is often overlooked and looks insignificant—the grade of hair. Often you can find product titles like ‘5A Brazilian virgin body wave 20” with closure’ on e-commerce sites. The ‘5A’ on the title tells the grade of hair. Hair grades typically explain the number/proportion of hair strands that make up the full length of the weft. An 18” bundle of hair might consist of some 18” and some shorter lengths. So human hair grades typically explain the percentage of 18’’ strands in the 18” bundle of hair. This is applicable to other lengths. Grade A usually contains more shorter lengths while 5A and above usually contain longer lengths or more of the described length.

Bundles and length

Now you know all about the different hair grades, names and textures available, knowing what length and how many bundles of hair you need is the next level to deal with.

10 inches fall around the chin, 12 inches fall around the shoulder, 20-22 inches will graze your bra strap and 30 inches is practically butt length. If you still can’t figure out how many inches your desired length is, searching for a picture illustration on Google could help.

While some weaves might come in one specific length, others often come in different sizes. This is good if you love layers, or say, prefer your hair shorter in front than behind. However, if you want a uniform look or you want to do the ‘layering’ yourself then, by all means, go for one with a single length. Also, buying different lengths is often cheaper because prices differ across different lengths.

Knowing how many bundles of weaves to get boils down to three things; preference, styling and length. Typically, if you are team ‘big hair don’t care’ you can get as much as 4 bundles if you can afford to. However, if you are not about that life, feel free to buy less. If you are for either team and you are still confused, you should consider what style you intend to use the weaves for. For instance, if you have a closure or frontal you intend to use, 2-3 bundles are okay. However, if you are doing a full head sew-in with little to no leave-out or closure you may need 3-4 bundles.

Another tip to consider  one that makes so much difference is the length. Longer hair means shorter weft. Four bundles of weave that are 14 inches or less will be way thicker than four bundles of 24-30 inches. A lot of people complain of getting long lengths that were quite scanty, even though that seems like bad quality, this is how it’s always done. To get a full look with long weaves without spending so much on lots of bundles, we recommend getting different lengths. For example, if you want your hair as long as 30”, you should get 26”, 28” and 30”. This way you still get long hair but with more body.

For closures and frontals you obviously need one. If you want a layered look, you will need to get a shorter one. For instance, if your weave is 20” and you want your closure or frontal shorter, you should consider getting one at 18’’ or shorter depending on the look you’re going for. For an even look, just get the same length as your main weave length. If you got different lengths, get a closure/frontal that’s the length of the shortest you got. What you want to avoid is getting one that’s longer than your weave. Or if you got different lengths, say 18”,20”, 22” and purchased a 22” closure/frontal, it would look really weird and out of place. So, basically pick one that’s neither too long nor too short but just right.

It looks complicated, right? But trust us when we say it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

After deciding on the hair grade, bundle and length of hair it’s time to get to the real deal; buying the extension.

Where to buy wigs for black women

There are so many options and places to buy from. While many prefer to buy locally, buying online is more affordable.

Sites like Ali express and Ebay have got some affordable weaves, but with sites like these so many things could go wrong. There are many vendors who are selling wigs for black women but they do not deliver what customers are actually looking for. Knowing what you want, just type it in the search box and that would narrow your search down.  Look through as many as you can, find any that catches your eye? Read the product description and check for customer feedback.

Truth is, some vendors might promise next day delivery only to get your package delivered in weeks. Others might swear their hair is 100% Remy and tangle-free only to be disappointed when your weave won’t hold a style or stop tangling. To prevent having a bad experience, we recommend reading customer reviews. Often on Ali express, customers send in pictures of what the weave they got looked like, they also comment on the smell, quality, how fast the delivery took and generally whether their expectations on the vendor’s hair were met or not.

Another way to check for customer reviews is on Youtube. Youtubers often do reviews of weaves, wigs, closures and stuff they get.  So you get to hear them talk about their experiences with buying from certain hair vendors. Often they wear the weave/wig while doing the review so you also get to see what it looks like as a style and get an idea of what it might look like on you. Another bonus of checking Youtube reviews is the special discounts you get from unique discount codes that Youtubers offer. A lot of Youtubers participate in affiliate programmes. That is, when you buy from a vendor using the Youtuber’s custom link or discount code they get a bonus and you get a discount. However, there’s a catch. Youtubers often give dishonest reviews to get you to buy from certain vendors just so they can get their bonuses. Also, some vendors might send the best hair quality to the Youtube influencers who end up giving rave reviews that would easily get you to shell out those pounds but often these companies send bad quality hair to regular customers. So we recommend reading comments on these Youtube reviews. With nothing to lose, regular customers will always state their honest opinion on the weave.

If you are still skeptical about buying from online vendors, there are local vendors in the UK who sell quality human hair wigs for black women, Her Imports is one of them. Although largely based in the US, they have local distributors in London. There’s also Diamond Hair UK, Aesthetics hair and lots to pick from. The choice is all yours.  Wigs for black women